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You Can Learn Aikido From a Book

Interesting ... Anyone know who the four "Ohioans" were?

Black Belt 1965 Vol 3 No 11. Interview with Tohei.

BB: In other words, you do recommend a person to study from a book if a dojo is not available?

T: Yes, if a dojo is not available. But if one is, you should attend a good dojo because you'll be able to learn the finer pints of the art which you may miss from a book.

BB: If I should read your book and misinterpret one of the techniques or exercises, and keep practicing it wrong, will that hinder my development later on when I join a dojo?

T: No. When I visited Chicago a few months ago, four Ohioans came to study under me and I was surprised because they knew the techniques quite well. When I inquired who taught them, they said that they had learned it from my book. One person would read while the others practiced the techniques. They didn't reveal any major faults in their movements. I'm glad that my book can help
people who live in an area where a dojo is not accessible.
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