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Re: 4th kyu test what is expected?

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Ive been watching a lot of usaf 4th kyu tests and one thing is sticking out at me nage is moving imho too fast into the techniques I have been told by my instructors that nage determines the speed or response .the opening movement,safe position is what I,m working on now.
Yeah typically for 6th kyu- 3rd kyu going slow and purposeful is okay. At least in my school. You demonstrate, like you were trying to teach the movements to the viewers. Some where around 2nd kyu the test pick up pace. For your federation, you will see Randori formally in the 2nd kyu test so ,according to what I'm told, the pace needs to pick up there.
Everyone goes fast when they are nervous.
Except my 3rd kyu test. I was told that I was so tired(took a seminar that day) that I had went painfully too slow for a 3rd kyu test. They probably passed me just so they could get dinner before midnight. lol

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