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Re: 4th kyu test what is expected?

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
My test was maybe 15-20 minutes long. My 3rd kyu was a little longer...maybe.(at least it felt longer) lol I don't think the kyu ranks are really long tests. At least they aren't in my school. At least in my school it isn't until 2nd kyu until they expect things to kick up the pace.
Who knows what your sensei might ask for in addition to the normal federation standard techniques.

Work on your endurance man. Take randori classes. Tests get more lively the higher the rank.
Ive been watching a lot of usaf 4th kyu tests and one thing is sticking out at me nage is moving imho too fast into the techniques I have been told by my instructors that nage determines the speed or response .the opening movement,safe position is what I,m working on now.

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