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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" Book Discussion

How is it possible that all this good stuff is HIPS? I certainly don't know but science is catching up to a limited extent. The August 27, 2010 issue of Science magazine has an interesting article "Optimally Interacting Minds" pp1081 describing how two or more observers can actually "see" better than just one. The sum is greater than the parts (in certain situations). Interesting to note that when the 'skill' of the observers is dis-similar the results are worse than when the skills are more or less equal.

The 'perspectives' section on pp 1022 "Decisions Made Better" is a commentary on the main article and also provides some interesting food for thought. The concept of 'collective' or 'group' think is routinely knocked but this is something all together different. 'Collaborative think' may be more along the lines and is shown to produce superior decisions.

Given the context of traditional 'steal the techniques' with individuals jealously guarding whatever they manage to glean there is no strongly encouraged collaboration and exchange based on the materials in question so the opportunity for this mode of learning is limited.

None of this may help in learning the ins and outs if IP,IT, IS, aiki or whatever but it does imply that if one does not work collaboratively with ones peers in an open exchange then progress will be slow or maybe even backwards. Not only IHTBF but IHTBTAF (it has to be talked about freely). At least that is what the current science has to say about that.

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