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Re: Dojo survival in tough economic times

If your aiki is any good and you have a nice core of students you probably have the fundamental ingredients for overnight success.
Years back we invested in 'Black Belt management by John Graden' it was a great help in what i was and wasn't prepared to do to have more students in the dojo. The book is a professional approach to running a martial arts business and useful even if you don't want to do it as your day a job, it promises to show how you can have hundreds of students in a month and certainly delivered.
With a grain of salt throw out the Mcdojo and other stuff that makes your skin crawl and just implement what you are comfortable with for more modest growth. It worked for us and helped with identifying some key things like
- getting people to the front dojo (they'll never know how good you are unless they see you).we tried everything , usually more that one - www is a standout winner
- getting them to come back for a second class (even the ones that had a great time, half of them never come back)
- getting them to come back for a second month (turn a fad 'yeah I've done aikido' into someone thats really into it)

etc.. more thoughts from a presentation on the topic to fellow dojo here

Like to how you get on with all the feedback and the dojo down the track. It can be a tough time
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