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Tijmen Ramakers
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Re: Hakama: Tozando or Iwata brand?

I have hakama from both Tozando (100% polyester version, so not the Tetron) and Iwata (polyester A).
Both have nicely stitched obi. The fabric of the Tozando looks really nice, and is a little bit thicker/heavier than the Iwata one. It's also a lot smoother/slicker, and because of that slickness, the knots in the obi always loosen up during practice. Could be my inability to properly tie it, but anyway, that's why I prefer the Iwata, which doesn't have that problem. On the downside, I find that the quality of the stitching on the Iwata is really sub par given its price tag. On both ones that I have, the triangular patches at the koshita were done with no more than 3 stitches or so, and they came loose after some time (fixed this myself with a needle and thread). Tozando does a much better job here. Also on both Iwata ones, I've had stitching at the side (connecting the front and back legs) rip, due to falling or getting up while my training partner was accidentally standing on my hakama.
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