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Re: Nothing but Misogi?

What is lacking in this moment? nothing!
everything you have ever done, or anyone has ever done has led to this point, everything is exactly as it should be.
Are you happy, fulfilled, content? that is a different question.
I believe Aikido is Misogi, in every sense, and has everything to do with zen. Zen by its very nature is designed to sill the mind, and engage our awareness i.e what was your original face begore you parents were born.
exactly the same way when facing uke, with a bokken in his hands who with all his focus and intention is going to strike you on top of head. Both stop you dead in you tracks and make you focus extremely intently on the problem in hand. nothing else can enter your head than what is happening right NOW! This is cleansing/misogi of the mind.
Being able to act calmly, and with the correct intention, direction and with the correct technique, requires training in the martial sense, this is misogi of the body.
Misogi of the spirit is even more undefinable but nevertheless, more important than the first two. Being able to act, in the face of great danger when all your senses are screaming at you to run a mile, when all the odds are agianst you, and your are sure of certain death, but you act any way, with calmness grace and dignity, this is true victory, this is misogi, this is Aikido, and moving zen!
Thank you steffan for a most thought provoking article, it is the first time I have felt compelled to comment, on an article written by regular collumists, it stirred something in me. Domo arigato.

Andy B
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