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Re: Question about the renaming of ikkajo to ikkyo (philosphy)

Yes I had actually read those threads already thanks for the reference though. I will add one more thing to muddy the water a bit.

Our most senior Yoshinkan Instructor and his students have explained the kajo to kyo name change to me in this way:

Ikkajo has more the connotation of first control nikajo second control etc etc. After WWII the mentality of controlling people was very much in opposition to O-Sensei's view of his martial arts and his Aikido. This was the reason for the name change to kyo meaning first teaching. This allowed them to get away from the "controlling" techniques and move to the "teaching" or "principle" as its sometimes also translated techniques. So in their explanation it was a philosophical reflection that prompted the name change as much as anything. I just happened to notice the kyo kanji can be synonymous with religion (OBVIOSLY NOT ALLWAYS OR 1:1)

But knowing how esoteric aikido can be especially ki society and some aikikai, it prompted me to wonder if there was any other reason for that change, whether the kanji was a double entendre or perhaps a hidden meaning for some students to get a deeper meaning or no.

There is no mention specifically of who made the change but after doing a ton of reading I have heard all these people sighted as doing the name change:

2nd Doshu Ueshiba
His Students
and random other less likely candidates. One thing is for certain no one seems to have a lock tight answer either way (maybe there is no lock tight answer for who or when...)

I do appretiate everyones opinion and your proverbial 2 cents, especially the blurb on Abe Tadashi, it seemed though he was not very happy with the aikikai and perhaps thats why he shyed away from the new terminologies???? thanks Demetrio.

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