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Re: Question about the renaming of ikkajo to ikkyo (philosphy)

Richard Richardson wrote: View Post
I think to help me forge this paper, I would ask if anyone has any information about when the name change of Ikkajo to Ikkyo occurred and who did it. Like i say it seems likely to me that if Shioda called it Nikajo he learned to call it that from O-Sensei. Also but at some point the aikikai started using the term ikkyo. Was it Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba? I dont find this likely.
Here's a thread from a couple of years ago on this same question:

Read Peter Goldsbury's post #13, in which he explains what kajou means, and also states in passing that it was Kisshomaru Ueshiba who changed the counter to kyou.

I wonder if older students might use the terms kajou and kyou interchangeably just as older martial artists might use jujutsu and yawara interchangeably, tending toward one or the other simply as personal preference.

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