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Re: Question about the renaming of ikkajo to ikkyo (philosphy)

"i think it would be naive to say that Ueshiba didn't have names for the techniques he taught but there seems to be some question about whether Ikkyo was a term implimented by Kissomaru Ueshiba."

I am not sure whether or not Kissomaru was the originator of the term Ikkyo or whether he heard his father use it, but I do know from direct and indirect accounts of O Sensei's direct students that he was notoriously unsystematic about his approach to teaching and rarely if ever referred to techniques by name. Most of the systemizing of his techniques was done (in Aikikai anyway) by people like Kissomaru and Saito sensei. If you look at the waza names accross Aikido orginizations they vary widely. They may have been referring to techn iques as O sensei transmitted them or they may have originated with the founder of the individual organizaztion ie. Shioda, Tomiki, Mochizuki. If you want some hard historical facts, I would suggest contacting people like Peter Goldsbury, Stanley Pranin, or Ellis Amdur. They have all done a lot of historical and academic research on Aikido.

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