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Re: Question about the renaming of ikkajo to ikkyo (philosphy)

That’s an interesting point about paying dues to Takeda, do you have any references or other insight about that? It sounds plausible but we all know that there are no politics in martial arts because everyone loves each other and budo allows us all to transcend such trivial frivolous squabbles, especially Aikido.

So you are saying by renaming the technique ikkajo to ikkyo or nikkajo to nikkyo it was a way to make it more his and less Takeda's?

I have read the article referring to robuse from Augé but it makes me wonder what Ueshiba himself referred to the techniques as because to my knowledge Shioda didn't use that term and i haven't seen any other references to that term around, senior Yoshinkan people please chime in! Why would one deshi (Mochizuki) from the 30's call it A and another deshi from the 30's (Shioda) would call it B with someone eventualy saying no no no lets call it C.

If it were called robuse during Mochizuki's day that seems significantly different from what daito ryu calls it to serve the purpose of changing the techniques for later on down the road when O-Sensei would want to stop paying dues to Daito ryu. But why go backwards from robuse to ikkajo then back to ikkyo? Also Sokaku Takeda died in 1943 of course budo was banned in japan after WWII and the name ikkajo-ikkyo change must have taken place AFTER that.

Wasn't O-Sensei breaking away from Daito ryu in the 20s anyway with the renaming of his art to aikibudo? With aikido not being used as a term until sometime after 1945 (coincidence that it changed so close to Takeda death?)

Whether he was breaking away in the 20s or not, he still handed out daito ryu scrolls in the 30s, but I would be interested in more references or thoughts to support your theory though.


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