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Dojo survival in tough economic times

Hi there,

Anyone else out there struggling right now to keep membership high enough to pay for their practice spaces?

I know we're not the only small club whose membership has dropped significantly in the past couple of years - blame it on the economy or simply the popularity of other martial arts among the general public - whatever the case, this post isn't a request for theories. It's a request for practical ideas.

Aside from trying to partner with another martial arts club to share a space, which has its downsides (not to mention the fact that we don't really have any other connections in the local MA community) - does anyone have any creative ideas for promoting their club or finding an affordable space that have actually worked so far?

At the moment we have been putting out feelers with local community centers in the hopes of finding less expensive practice space but so far, no luck (either more expensive than where we currently are or the hours available are extremely limited).

I'm wondering if we need to "bite the bullet" and start a children's program to pay the bills. Desperate times call for desperate measures...
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