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David Orange
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Re: What would you do??

I don't address any of that. I address only, "How do you feel? How does your body feel? Are your shoulders tight? And, feeling that they are, can you now let that tension go? And if so, do you now feel something different in your lower back? Does it change the way you're holding your neck?"

Within ten minutes, I can have anyone standing taller, breathing easier and feeling like a much worthier human being, at which point I can tell them, "Now, then. You don't have to accept abuse. Look at the power you have. Dump these swine and get a better gig."

Of course, I've never used it for employment situations. I've only dealt with people who want to learn self defense. But if this will work to help someone deal with someone who wants to kill them suddenly, it will help with someone who wants to suck the life out of them slowly, as well, I think. Rather than hanging onto the hurt and insult, they can realize quickly that they are worth better and can achieve better.

Best wishes.


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Given the context, I think the chances of that succeeding are slim. You don't "personally empower" someone by evading the very issues that are at the forefront of their mind: "Okay, so you got screwed, your pay got cut, your benefits got cut, you've got twice the work because of all the people we laid off, and you don't know how you can make ends meet...and I'm not going to address any of those issues...but if you'll just forget all that, I'll teach you how to become personally empowered." I just don't see it.

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