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Re: What would you do??

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
It would depend greatly on who was asking me to do this, and why they were asking me to do it. If it was corporate management trying to get me to sprinkle some happy dust on a bunch of legitimately disgruntled workers, I think I'd tell them to get out of my face and do their own dirty work.
I don't know...teaching some potentially disgruntled employees basic "martial arts" seems like an interesting approach. Seems braver than I'd generally give corporate folks credit for, at any rate.
Joking aside:
I like the approach David described. I've always found the concept of shizentai ("natural body/posture") to be very helpful and emotionally balancing. Sitting or standing relaxed at full height has always felt very empowering to me. Also, I recall Sensei Barrish describing proper posture as feeling like a king/queen sitting back on his/her throne...though I can see how that might seem patronizing given the fact that they just had it shown how little power they have in their company. However, if presented well I would think it could serve as a good general theme.
"No matter what happens: breathe, relax, stand tall, keep your head up and your eyes sharp."
...Something like that, anyway.
Good luck!

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