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Re: Question about the renaming of ikkajo to ikkyo (philosphy)

教士 is used in the context of kendo,im not surprised that a native Japanese Speaker may not recognize it but what Jun said is what i have seen as well 3 titles that use the shi character (the same as in bushi) as in military warrior or military person (the shi character even looks like a little stick fella lol.

Chris you bring up some interesting points because indeed Ikkajo = Ikkyo in Yoshinkan and that is what sparked my curriosity on the whole issue. I would like more information about the technique names, i think it would be naive to say that Ueshiba didn't have names for the techniques he taught but there seems to be some question about whether Ikkyo was a term implimented by Kissomaru Ueshiba.

Even if it was Kissomaru and not Morihei Ueshiba that changed the name (which im not even entirely convinced it was) I wonder why that happened?

I am aware of the Daito ryu reference to the first group of techniques but in Yoshinkan the jo / kyo is used in all the first 5 techniques for instance ikkajo, nikkajo, sankajo etc which are equal to ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo in aikikai. So within Yoshinkan there seems to be a 1:1 comparison between these techniques.

I am curious as to why Shioda would call it Ikkajo that and then Aikikai would refer to Ikkyo, and why and how this name change occurred, there must be a reason. It was my own guess that the Kanji 教 might have a correlation to religion. I fully understand that there are multiple meaning for kanji no different that spoken words that sound the same in english like read and red.

With that said the reference i use for kanji is

I realize 教師 is often translated as professor and is used in academics but in martial arts it almost always refers to an 8th dan and denotes a very high level teacher. I also have heard on more than one occasion high level aikido teachers when trying to explain the term kyoshi that is can also mean religious leader. Again all this reinforcing my initial hypothesis.

Please keep the information coming everyone!
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