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Re: 5th Kyu Shihan and Learning Styles

Dave Lewin wrote: View Post
i would reiterate my point, though, which is that, while taking different learning approaches into consideration is valuable, it still doesnt change the fact that aikido is a kinestetic practice: in the end, one's BODY will only be able to learn the stuff by EXPERIENCING it and repeating (and repeating, etc.....).
But this is the whole point, that's simply not true. Your body isn't some separate entity that learns on it's own - the quality of the movement that you repeat (and repeat, etc. ) depends on your understanding of what you're trying to do.

Unless you're a very kinesthetic learner. Did you take the test?

partly, i have this view because i have seen first hand how talking while training can quickly deteriorate into a full stop, where people are essentially standing there going on about something.
This I agree completely about. Some of the need of analyzing techniques or discussing principles and philosophies can better be fulfilled after class. But just because talk can deteriorate into a full stop doesn't mean that it inevitably has to.

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