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Question about the renaming of ikkajo to ikkyo (philosphy)

When Ueshiba renamed the techniques from Ikkajo 一ケ条 (or which ever version you prefer) from the older daito-ryu to Ikkyo 一教 I can immediately see the last kanji is teaching but also religion. For instance Bukkyo 仏 for buddhist or Mukkyo for aeithiast or Kirisuto-kyo - キリストの for Christian Number 1 is that kanji right for ikkyo and if so then i pose this bigger question:

I am intersted in community discussion of when the name change occurred (i assume after WWII) and if the kyou religion kanji is significant of Ueshibas shift toward a more esoteric martial art that also reflected more of his religious views vs the older style of aikijitsu that he had been doing during the earlier days. Or is the kanji kyo simply meaning the teachings of Christ or the Teachings of Buddha in my above examples, but the Mukkyo would tend to nullify that position i think since with Mukkyo no principle doesn't necessarily mean anything unless you look at the kyo kanji to really literally mean religion, as in mukkyo = no religion.

I am writing an essay about the religious overtones of Aikido (not a good bad or ugly assessment just a factual paper) and I am curious if the use of the religion kanji to replace the older kanji is significant. Perhaps there is no answer in that case please voice your opinion. I'm also interested in finding other examples of how Ueshiba's religious views made it into aikido and other interesting statements he made about various topics like his famous "Budo and farming are one"

Obviously to understand the statment Budo and farming are one, you would have to embark on a philospohical journey to make that connection.

I have read the forums for a while lurking, and there are no shortages of religion in aikido topics. However I'm supremely interested of higher level aiki peoples opinion on this more specific topic of Ikkyo and Budo and farming are one but also help from higher level students of kanji i would like to hear chime in with their opinions too. These questions are from an Aikido student who studies both Aikikai and Yoshinkan Aikido so it is unique in the fact that there is a blending of old style aikido with newer style aikido.

Thank you very much!

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