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Re: 5th Kyu Shihan and Learning Styles

thanks for this!

as someone interested in the pedagogical aspects of aikido, im glad you posted this--i didnt know about VARK. I have written before that talking on the mat, for the most part, doesnt seem to be helpful and should be avoided if possible. however, i did so with a voice in the back of my head saying 'yeah, but people learn differently and some are going to always need oral explanation beyond the mat.'

i would reiterate my point, though, which is that, while taking different learning approaches into consideration is valuable, it still doesnt change the fact that aikido is a kinestetic practice: in the end, one's BODY will only be able to learn the stuff by EXPERIENCING it and repeating (and repeating, etc.....).

my vote, personally, would be to have the talky, cerebral stuff happen off the mat, in a supplemental class, as it were.
partly, i have this view because i have seen first hand how talking while training can quickly deteriorate into a full stop, where people are essentially standing there going on about something. this in turn may distract others who are training near by and this loss of focus on movement is thus a general distraction.

hmmm.....i will continue podering this...

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