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Re: 5th Kyu Shihan and Learning Styles

Anita Dacanay wrote: View Post
What great points you make in this column! I am a Read/Write learner with Auditory learning a close second. Yes, I do mumble to myself sometimes while working through a technique. I also love to talk at length about what I've experienced in class; and sometimes have to bite my tongue to wait til class is over in order to do so. I need to use writing or talking to organize my thoughts so that I can better remember what I've studied.
I'm another mumbler. Auditory is my weakest learning mode - I'm totally a reader of words and maps (which is why I learn weapons kata best by writing down each step then reading the step, doing the step, reading the next step, doing the next step....) followed by kinesthetic and visual.
Important to note that the mumbling is not part of auditory mode but an outer manifestation of reading, essentially remembering and reading aloud while doing.

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