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Re: Focus and Aikido Training

PAG I think one of the basic issues facing a modern aikidoka is discovering the nature of Morihei Ueshiba's own training paradigm and, if we cannot replicate this--given that as we actually know what it was, whether there are any satisfactory substitutes.

Hi Peter,

Totally agree that we should avoid word games, and unrelated tangents to the topics at hand. Forgive me if I misinterpreted your meaning, and would never dare to speak for you. As for Mr. Amdur's paradigms, I would rather shoot for the quarterback myself.

Per your words quoted above, do you really believe that we actually know what the Founder's training dimensions and results were? With the huge disparities of first hand interpretations, and not counting the flood of "after the fact" announcements by enlightened others, how can we accurately be sure of what we are dealing with in terms of verifiable and acceptable information and understanding?

Further, why would the modern aikidoka really care for or need to replicate what one old man did, or to find a suitable substitute, when this very same person constantly admonished us not to. Could it be that in his wisdom, and bitter first hand experience, he realized the futility, not of honoring, respecting and remembering the past, but of trying to recreate what appropriately should remain in history?

Rather, it is not the singular man, and certainly not his unique and unduplicatible accomplishments, but the universally applicable example of how to glean building materials from the infinite warehouse of things Aiki, and the proven value of forging one's own way to do so effectively, that is the true legacy, relevance and benefit to treasuring the priceless event of a man called Ueshiba.

Thank you for representing the Founder's Aikido at the Combat games in China, and I look keenly forward to resuming our conversation, from which I am learning so much.

O daiji ni!
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