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Dennis Hooker
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Nope, won't do that Dan, them damn pony's you call dogs play hell with meditation. Considering the spiritual nature of things does not necessarily mean that a person sets around sucking up incense and humming. No, it is much more work that, beside I never quite figured out were zazen fits into Aikido. I would rather contemplate the nature of the universe and god while smoking a good Cuban cigar. Some might say these are mutually exclusive activities. I say not so. After all I can contemplate my kinder humanity while throwing, hitting or pining someone. Mutually exclusive? No, Aikido! Sometimes I do pray but very seldom just set. I should do more I suppose. Clean the skin through sweat, the muscles through exercise, the internal organs through deep breathing, the spirit through prayer and the soul through meditation. I approach Aikido as a holistic art. I truly believe this approach has kept me alive this long while many of my contemporizes have succumbed.

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