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Re: Kata/Suburi apart from Saito Sensei

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I would love to make it over there to train at the summer camp there! For now, it is but a dream.... but maybe one day!

As to the OP: I completely understand where you are coming from. With today's technology, it seems the internet is one of the first places we look for information.

This has the most current list of DVD's with U.S. Birankai:

Here is a list of Birankai UK DVDs on sale:

Here is a dvd with Chibas 36 jo basics - same as the one from Birankai, just a different source, but I thought you may find some other dvds of interest (under DVDs on left, hit aikido - you will get TONS!):

Here is a video of one of his kumitachi:

Here is Biran Onlines page with other videos:

I am sure there are other places with dvd/video of his tsuburi and kumitachi and such. There is also a video of testing requirements up to first kyu. I believe the tsuburi you are looking for may be in there (but I am not certain). Also, you could try finding weapons seminars by Mike Flynn (one in Oregon in September), who is an amazing aikidoist all around, but his weapon work is top notch. He is one of the primo weapons people in Birankai. He doesn't come to the U.S. too often though, as he resides in the UK or is it Scotland?. Best of luck!
Dear Ashley,
Mike lives in Scotland.I just met him two weeks ago at our Summer School.Just as a point of interest Robert Needleman [from Oregon -the man with the tigers , a good friend of mine was also there]. Say Hi to Mr Bluhm for me . All the best , Joe.
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