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Re: Focus and Aikido Training

Hello Francis,

Wait a minute. In a discussion such as this, words need to be chosen with care, otherwise we do end up merely playing games. I do not understand why you think I insist that we can discover the Founder's training regimen. I said nothing about insistence. I said that discovering the nature of Ueshiba's training paradigm was an issue: a 問題点, if you like. The term 'training paradigm' was Ellis Amdur's (used in another thread currently in progress). Morihei Ueshiba is presented so much as an icon in modern aikido that I think it is reasonable for aikidoka to wonder how he himself trained. So another mondai-ten is whether we can know precisely what this training paradigm was and yet another is, if we can know, whether we can reproduce it. If we cannot, and we want to avoid fanciful dreaming, the fourth issue to whether we can find an acceptable substitute. I think all four issues are covered in your column.

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
Hi Peter,

Good luck at the Combat Games, although they can't be anymore interesting and fun than the ones we seem to engage in online.

Can't agree with your insistence that we need to replicate the Founder's training regimen, nor do I believe for a second that anyone alive knows what it was.

Oh yeah, fanciful dreaming is still free.

Also interested in your expanded explanation of the "ideology of fanaticism" you were referring to.

Matta, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

In Oneness,
Kochira koso!


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