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Re: Focus and Aikido Training

Hello Francis,

Many thanks for the quick response. Alas, I will have to postpone further discussion until I return from China early next month. The IAF is putting on an aikido demonstration at an event called the Combat Games (the name is unfortunate, I know) and this is causing a certain, shall we say angst, within the Aikikai.

To come back to your column, I think one of the basic issues facing a modern aikidoka is discovering the nature of Morihei Ueshiba's own training paradigm and, if we cannot replicate this--given that as we actually know what it was, whether there are any satisfactory substitutes.

I also think that the problem with 主点/終点を合わせる and the 決心 needed to attain this is that during Morihei Ueshiba's own time this was tied to an ideology of fanaticism that had unfortunate consequences and this was one thing that Kisshomaru wanted to change.

Best wishes,


P A Goldsbury
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