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Re: Teaching Aikido - Require Coaching Course?

Philip Smith wrote: View Post
I find it interesting that some of the comments sem to suggest that Aikido teachers don't need to know how to teach.
Would this be acceptable in any other field?

For example all school teachers go through a training process - the analogy would be I can speak English so I can teach English professionally from basic to expert level; without knowing anything about class mangement etc.
So why is Aikido different?
Well, I am a teacher. And I learned how to teach my students in school.
One thing you learn when you learn teaching at university is, that there are a lot of different opinions of how to teach.

I didnt say that aAikido teachers don't need to know how to teach. But that the way in which aikido or other arts (like chado, shodo, kyudo, ...) have to be taught is fundamentally different from the way of teaching which is prefferred in western sports.

Here in Germany when you want to get a coaching certificate you have to learn a lot of things which are not used in dojo.
And you don't learn the things you need to use when teaching in a dojo.

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