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Re: 4th kyu test what is expected?

Tim Evans wrote: View Post
Sorry I should have been more cleaer on my question how fast how fluid in my movements should be expected for 4th kyu .
I think until 2nd kyu you should be concentrated on building solid basics. So no power or speed is expected. Instead, correct technique, precision, correct posture and footwork, right entering angles, understanding basic distances, weight transfer, correct power creation etc is required.

Also, you should be able to show proper balance taking, correct body manipulation by using articulations(particularly elbow), efficient working basic locks and throws. You should be now starting to efficiently control your attacker with minimum of his help. For this aspect, I'd propose as a preparation, ask your attacker to slowly counter your test techniques if and when he can. While doing it, he must maintain flexible body and no competitive mind.

You should also be able to demonstrate excellent rolling skills (forward and backward) while you receiving techniques, and - if in your dojo required - be able to execute correctly high flying break falls i.e. from koshinage.


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