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Randy Sexton
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Re: Review: Kingfisher Woodworks Enhanced Appalachian Hickory Bokken

Three years ago I purchased the large Aikiken with an inscription in Kanji and ordered the best quality of hickory with the hand cut option. I also got a bamboo tsuba. Total cost including shipping was $259. I could have opted for a lesser quality of wood and got the less expensive machine cut with final hand finishing which helps reduce the cost since doing it by hand takes longer which costs you. But I liked the idea of having a hand cut best quality product that I hoped would last me for many years to come. Since then the Bokken has become better to the touch, warmer in color and everyone that has felt it loves its feeling of being alive.
Several others in our Dojo also have ordered from Kingfisher without any regrets. The rest ordered the regular Aikiken but I ordered the large simply because I am larger, have longer arms, and like the feel of a heavier "weapon" in my hand but it is a matter of taste and personal preference.
Not once have I regretted the purchase. It was a birthday present from my wife so I felt good about her spending the money for a cool birthday present. My wife joked with her friends that she got me a stick for my birthday !! Invariably someone always ask if she beats me with it and she just tells them "not yet" LOL
Doc Sexton

p.s. Brad will put your initials at the end of the Bokken as well as an option which my Sensei got but I did not know about. Alas, my only regret about the Bokken; but with the Kanji I can easily pick out my Bokken and no one confuses mine with their Bokken

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