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Re: Focus and Aikido Training

Dear Bateman Sensei,

Your kind words have the effect of hiding your own high sense of integrity and history of training faithfully in the Founder's art. Your humble approach to training and communication represent standards all of us would do well to honor and to admire.

Our individual focus of training must be individually defined and refined through daily training.. The very content of such focus should be gaged and appreciated, not by some arbitrary fidelity to teachers, styles or organizations, but by the courage and commitment to evaluate the Founder's legacy and teachings for ourselves at the end of each training day.

After all, did he not admonish us to essentially find our own way, while welcoming us to utilize the very same Aiki Principles he found to be so useful, inspirational and appropriate?

It remains my hope that each sincere student of Aikido find a workable balance between loyalty to instructors, systems and styles of choice, and the personal commitment to courageously and patiently form their very own brand of Aikido over time. I have no doubt that this personal commitment to grow by one's own timetable and agenda promises the greatest return for focused training.
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