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Re: Kata/Suburi apart from Saito Sensei

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Besides Chiba Sensei and Tada Sensei, I understand that Saotome Sensei/Kobayashi Yasuo Sensei/Nishio Sensei also introduced weapons systems, and it would be interesting to see clips of those as well, in addition to Yoshinkan bukiwaza...
I believe I read in an interview with Kobayashi Sensei that he followed Saito Sensei's system. Having said that, things tend to diverge over time, so they won't be identical everywhere. From what I've seen on videos, however, Kobayashi dojos are still pretty close in weapons to Iwama-style dojos. I certainly wouldn't call it a separate "style" of aikido weapons.
Probably Kobayashi Hirokazu was meant in the first place - he did introduce a distinct weapon system, and a system of aikido bodywork.

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