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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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Well, gee, that's odd. I watched Chen Xiaowang release 9 times in about one second, yet his beginning training had these sorta slow-but-correct store-and-releases. Think maybe it's a progression? In terms of speed of handling anything, I think you're probably misunderstanding the training as the end-product. But then again, what you're saying is much like the people who watch a Taiji form and say "it's too slow to ever be effective" and they make jokes about it, displaying their own ignorance more than anything else.


Mike Sigman
Continuing to misquote me and lump me in with those I argue against myself does what?

Thats a fascinating comparison using CXW. Are you saying that the MJER fella is doing the same opening and closing as CXW? No, he isn't. The fact that you think so, says everything that need be said.