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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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I believe that statement's a keeper, Dan. People should put it in their files where they can look at it often.
Go right ahead. That store and release model is not as universal as you make it out to be across the board, It would also never fly with more informed sources. Again we can go back to certain core principles, but they can be expressed in different ways. Not the least of which is this guy stepping up into it and the energy drawing back at the end. Hunter drew attention to his legs, which to me is a dead give away of certain things I would NEVER do.
Surely, someone like you would know other ways that leave the legs more mobile and do not involve that particular movement, but also incorporate the use of the hara in a snapping motion? It is a well known concept in dantien use in certain ICMA and fits in well with a variety of weapons and empty hand!

Archives are good. Just like that taichi fighter video you put up here and called it a good fight and example of IP... where everyone else saw what I saw...he was paired with a newbie who had his own hands down through most of the fight as he threw himself at the guy.
You see what you can see...and you own it. Certain things come with more experience, Mike we all can't know everything.
I strongly advocate archives. I enjoy blowing up your ridiculous internet statements about me (and the ones you make in private).... in person where it counts; I use shoulders for power, not using dantien, not having internal power, only knowing simple jin skills, not knowing breath power, and other tripe.
As most will tell you; I treat you in a much more even handed and even complimentary fashion behind closed doors.

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