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Re: In the Beginning was ...

Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
Logos might be translated as thought, but the primal meaning of logos is word, especially when used in the context of John 1:1.
Hi Ted.

A quick phone call to my source on ancient Greek and the near original version of the bible (read my wife who is well versed in both). Logos in modern and near modern Greek can mean speech but in ancient Greek (when the Gospels were written) Logos meant thought. She pointed out that to a Greek Orthodox there is no question that thought is what is meant. Besides way back then who would God have to talk to - nothing was created after all.

OK so this is deviating a little bit from what Ueshiba M. was getting on about so I bow out at least for a little bit.

Kevin: I also enjoy the discussions. One truely memorable evening was a private meeting with the Abbot while I was staying at Simone Petra monestary on Mount Athos. He knew I was agnostic but trying to understand my wifes faith, he also had a brother who was a particle physicist at CERN. To talk to a highly educated man of faith is awsome. Didn't change my view but -- well I still have his personal prayer beads. No I didn't steal them.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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