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Re: Teaching Aikido - Require Coaching Course?

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That is my experience, too, and something I have been wondering about in relation to "basics" training for some time. In aikido, but also the academic teaching I do.
How, when, why did you experience repetitive training/learning in academic teaching??? I graduated 1993 and up to then there was no such thing in the liberal arts?

... I'd prefer "Eastern" for small, "Western" for large. ...
Interesting: From Yoshinkan representatives I heard they teach such strict kata because of being able to handle larger groups.

I did the BAB aikido coach certificate some years ago,...
Can you compare it to the german "Übungsleiterschein C" ?
Hi Carsten,
sorry for the late reply, I was away training.

In reference to academic teaching, my perspective is limited to the humanities, and was referring to textbook learning vs. close work with an academic teacher. I guess I was on about teaching the practice of a research discipline as the goal of teaching. Of course not all university teaching is about that.

Again, this is not a black and white thing - the best teachers manage to teach a research dicispline in their introductory lecture. But usually you will only get taught the real approach at PhD student level.

As for the Yoshinkan, I cannot judge whether their method is effective. Most "kihon" type practice in aikido I am familiar with I have my doubts about.

And the Übungsleiterschein C I never attempted because I heard so much offputting stuff about it... and I would reather train :-)
The BAB approach I found - ten years ago - pragmatic, not too long winded, yet serious.
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