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Dojo Crush

I am not asking for advice. I've got a crush on someone I train with. I have zero desire to consummate this crush. He's fun to train with, but really boring when he opens his mouth. If I followed through it would last about one hour and ruin a fantastic marriage for no good reason. Bleh.

I'm wondering whether you've got a crush on someone you train with. Does aikido lend itself to crushes in your opinion? What do you do about it? Do you make every effort to train with your crush or do you try to avoid that person? What does a crush do to your regular set of goals--your motivation to train?

I feel fine about the commitment I made to my partner--my marriage is utterly unthreatened. The thing that bugs me is that I try to walk onto the mat with a set of clear motivations and goals. And when I train with this guy those motivations and goals get cast aside. That bugs me, but then again training with him is a lot of fun, perhaps I am being too hard on myself.
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