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Americanized Names

Americanized Names for Techniques
Given the short time I have with these vets, and my own dyslexic inability to learn a foreign language [after 43 years I think I finally have the difference down between yokomen uchi and shomen uchi] I am trying to use Americanized terms. Some of these are descriptive terms rather than an attempt to do a translation from the Japanese. Some are probably completely wrong. Some are descriptions of standing pins I have developed from throws.
I would greatly appreciate any advice on this, remembering that I need easily remembered, fairly descriptive terms.

Static stances [Unfortunately, almost all of our work is done from static]
Mirror stance Ai Homni
Cross stance Gyaku Homni

Shoulder grab [one hand] Katadori kah-tah doe-ree
Grab shoulders with both hands Ushiro watte kumi tsuki
Single wrist grab [mirror stance] Katate Dori kah-tah-the doe-ree
Single wrist grab [Cross stance] Gyakute Dori gyah-koo-the doe-ree
Grab both wrists Ryote Dori ree-oh-the doe-ree
Grab one wrist with both hands Morote Dori moe-roe-the doe-ree
Grab elbow Hiji Dori he-jee doe-ree
Grab sleeve Sode dori:
Grab lapel with one hand Eri Dori eh-ree doe-ree
Grab lapels from front with both hands Mae eri shimeage
Chop to top of the head Shomen uchi show-mehn oo-chee
Chop to the side of the head/neck Yokomen uchi yo-co-mehn oo-chee
Straight punch to stomach Mune tsuki moo-net skee
Grab both wrists from the rear Ushiro ryote dori
Grab head/neck from rear [choke] Ushiro kubi jime katate dori
Grab around chest from rear Ushiro watte kumi tsuki
grab two hands from rear Ushiro ryote dori:

First form #1 straight wrist Ikkyo ee-kyoh
Second form #2 bent wrist [finger] Nikyo knee-kyoh
Third form #3 wrist twist inside Sankyo sahn-kyoh
Fourth form #4 forearm nerve point Yonkyo yohn-kyoh
Fifth form #5 back of wrist to floor Gokyo go-kyoh
Sixth form #6 Wrist twist outside Kote gaeshi co-the gah-eh-she
Entering movement Irimi nage e-ree-mee nah-geh
Rotary movement Kaiten nage kigh-ten nah-geh
Breath/relationship throw Kokyu nage co-kew nah-geh
Four direction throw Shiho nage shee-ho nah-ghe
Corner throw Sumi otoshi sue-mee oh-toe-she
Heaven and Earth pin Tenchi nage tehn-chee nah-geh
Wrist twist to shoulder pin Kote Gaeshi co-the gah-eh-she
Rear arm bar
Side arm bar
Front head lock & arm pin
Rear head lock & arm pin
Rear neck pin/choke [use extreme caution]
Nape of neck moving pin
Snake arm pin

(Original blog post may be found here.)
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