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Re: Teaching Aikido - Require Coaching Course?

Daniel James wrote: View Post
... some responses somewhat linked to your comments ...
Thank you!
I think, I get your point better now.

I assume, we don't do what you call "repetitive blocked learning" in our practice.
Even when doing aiki taiso I try to find the "rigth way" and U will corrected by my teacher. Same thing when I teach: I teach those movements the same way I teach the waza.

We do "turn off the brain", but not for repetition of well known exercises or repeting technique.
We try to "feel" how to act an react instead of "thinking" what to do. But this is just a different way to perceive what's going on.

... ocused on the basic slow stop go movements as the standard daily practice, ...
What do you mean with "stop and go movements"?
Don't you do or don't you teach techniques as a whole?
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