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Re: Kata/Suburi apart from Saito Sensei

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Dear Ashley,
At last some one who shows put the value of something as opposed to people who put value of nothing.As the producer of British Birankai dvds since 1996 I can assure everyone that there is rich source of material from Chiba Sensei [including weapons ] available to purchase.
Bearing in mind that our group British Birankai spends considerable amounts of money in bringing Chiba Sensei /Miyamoto Sensei to our Summer Schools I personally do not think it is asking too much that people invest in the material rather than expect it for free.I have just taken our recent Summer School 2010 dvd material [Chiba Sensei /Miyamoto Sensei , Birankai International Shihan /Shidoin].
Again, I probably have to explain myself

You may wish to know that I have *already* purchased 3 DVDs from different years of the Birankai Summer Camp in America... they are very interesting, but do not focus only on weapons... in fact, I was unaware there was a DVD solely on Chiba Sensei's weapons style... I have also *bought* Imaizumi Sensei's two DVD set on ashi-sabaki.. although I did not know there is a DVD on his weapons system as well...

I started this thread because we were reviewing Saito Sensei's 31 count jo kata, and the instructor mentioned our 'other' jo kata came from Tada Sensei. This roused my curiosity about Tada Sensei's weapons style, since I previously had no exposure to this style.. and I was unfortunate to miss his once-a-year weapons class at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo... but of course, I could not find any online material on that weapons style, except for the clip I posted

Moreover, because I had moved to a different country, and hence from a Saito/Chiba to Saito/Tada weapons-style dojo, I was hoping to review Chiba Sensei's bokken kata (as a refresher), but again, apart from the video (which I thought was helpful) I posted... there was not much material online

Rather than start 'another' thread asking about possible links for very specific weapons systems, I thought it might be more interesting to ask about other weapons styles in general... but this has met with negative feedback

I want to take this opportunity to thank Adam for posting his sample clips.. It was interesting to see that jo/tanto kumi tachi... I would not have imagined such a combination.. and the other links from that youtube page on the 31-count jo suburi in myanmar was also an eye-opener (for me at least)
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