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Re: Teaching Aikido - Require Coaching Course?

HI Carsten,
Thanks for the feedback, some responses somewhat linked to your comments grouped below

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Do you see a difference between doing kata and repetitive learning?
<> There are some exercises we do, but they are as repetitive as doing kata.

In which way do you think kata/repetition is detrimental?
<> I think doing just kata and trust in it, is the only way to widen ones skills and transcend personal boarders.
And I never experienced another way of training in aikido than just doin kata. In no dojo of any style.

What do you mean by "basic level" and "higher level"? In our aikikai federation we do what we call basics in our examinations up to yondan.
I think repetitive blocked learning and kata are two separate things...most of the time.
Blocked learning gernerally refers to repetitive tasks to bed some movements or skills in. These might include warm up exercises and aiki taiso. Once learnt there is a danger that any exercises where the brain turns off might be considered a blocked learning exercise and has the potential to hinder learning through complacency, false confidence etc.

Kata , with an alive and experienced uke is anything but blocked learning, here uke is an active and dynamic teacher challenging nage through different timings energies and the variable dynamics of size, strength speed etc.. between different ukes helps build a resiliency in nage.

Kata if overly focused on the basic slow stop go movements as the standard daily practice, may produce these statics jerky movement characteristics in those learning it for years to come and make it harder for them to free up later.

Kata practised as a free flowed dance, where uke offers little in the way of pressure on nage also becomes blocked learning because nage can just relax mentally

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Sorry, I did'nt read your text yet, but will do it over the weekend.
Please give it a read of you have a chance Aikido as elite sport , its a broard brush stroke but might yield up something useful as well as clarify somethings mentioned above.


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