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I want to say that one must not forget that Aikido has techniques that originated from jujitsu and several other martial arts. All Aikido techniques if applied "correct" and effectively will Look hard and be quite painful. If you want to use Aikido out there you cannot allow yourself to be sloppy or else you will get hit, beaten up or even killed. Chances of you falling down are indeed bigger then you ever getting into a fight for most people, but still Aikido has to be effetive. To know your technique is effective uke has to feel a certain amount of pain and this is good. Applying a technique correctley is painful, to know where pain is you have to give and recieve pain to know this.
It's like ukemi, to know how to take ukemi you have to do it, but also you must throw in order to know what you are doing better. So Everything in Aikido has it's pro's and cons!!!

Thank you
Kenji Sasaki
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