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Re: Kata/Suburi apart from Saito Sensei

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Yea... to be honest, I kinda' hope that both of these videos are not very representative of "good" execution of either teachers forms...

Actually, it's quite difficult to find clips of non-Saito weapons systems.. which is why I'm hoping people could share what they deem as the proper 'reference' clip

From another angle, I'm also wondering why it's *so hard* to find reference clips of non-Saito weapons systems... one reason Saito Sensei's weapons system has become so popular is because there is so much reference material available... so one great way to spread the knowledge of other weapons systems is to expand the material available.

In the case of Chiba Sensei's bokken kata. apart from the video attached and the old description from 13 years ago , there's very little information, which is a bit surprising, considering we are living in the Internet age

I believe that making knowledge of non-Saito weapons systems more freely available would help Aikido growth as students would be able to study and compare the alternate systems, but I would welcome differing opinions
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