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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

you guys make this thing, IP/IS, way too complicated. first, you need to get the right information which involved going out and learned from various sources. a few already known in various circles. certain approach(es) might work better for certain people, depends on their inclination. some approach required a change in diet which included high amount of bean and cabbage and eggs. then you are going to spend lots of time practice by yourself and own up to your development. if your diet is like mine, it's better that you be by yourself, because other folks might not appreciate your power generation phase. then you going to need some like mind folks to do some "friendly testing" to make sure you are still on the right path/road/trail/course/trajectory, because the roads to hell and heaven sometime look almost the same (especially when bean and cabbage involved). then you are going to need to test it out with some unknown bruisers just gauge your progress/effectiveness (this is still martial arts after all) so you don't have some sort of illusion of grandeur (like declaring yourself as grand master cirque de l'air). and the cycle of rinse and agitation.

in summary (don't i sound like a grand master?), you need three things,
1. right info
2. right practice
3. right testing
4. right diet