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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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More off-topic personality-focused diversions. If you're trying to justify why you keep going off into "I can fight, too" stuff, as a part of internal strength, let me remind you that internal-strength is also a part of many non-martial qigongs, so the idea that you're supported by Japan and China simply fails.
Wrong. I never said they weren't. Try to stay focused, Mike...ready...?
This is a martial art forum, I was talking to and about people who were interested in IP/aiki and its value WITHIN martial arts.
Read it a couple of times, Mike. They are not mutually exclusive. It's actually a big discussion.

Constantly denigrating others only says something about the person doing the talking. Dan, I get a little tired of you posting your comments about what you think I do and can do. Why not just stop? Stick to technical details. Last I heard, not everyone is as enamored of you as might be thought by reading your own posts, but I simply ignore people when they go off on tangents about you, too. Let's just give the personal stuff a rest, shall we?
YOu always do that after you cut up other people and get hammered back. How about lets knock off your passive/ agressive nonsense and talk straight.
I don't really care who is enamored of me, I hear quite a bit about you too...probably from the same people!! I just don't state what I hear. Here's a tip for a more healthy life, Mike. "Those who gossip to you- will gossip about you."
Budo-ka can be like a sewing circle. I don't invest myself in gossip..Why do you keep bringing up gossip only to tell me you don't believe it? Because it allows you to make another passive/agressive swipe. I have asked you that before and told you I ignore it and then don't mention what I hear and only then used an example of what I heard.Then pointed out to you how it is counter productive to any real discussion. See how that works? We really have to get beyond it..
If you don't like the comments I you about your own me ..examine the ones you make to me.

I agree with that. As long as the person doing the "borrowing" isn't claiming all he knows is from his own brilliance or that he's been doing all of it "for many years". If you remember, I pointed out that I've seen this same game played for decades; it's fairly common. So far I haven't met any self-made modern experts who can move with the dantien and who aren't shoulder-reliant.
Does this sound familiar to you?
More off-topic personality-focused diversions..... If not see above!

That's the core of what I've been trying to say:
Not really...most understand the core of what you are really trying to say.

before people start distracting conversations about winning fights, I'd be satisfied with just watching them move without being shoulder/arm dependent. If they're great fighters with some rudimentary jin skills but a lot of shoulder and non-hara movement, my question is about why that sort of movement is being called internal strength. Same point I made with the car-wrecks story.
Think about it......why, if someone's internal-strength is so good, do they still use their shoulders and not their hara's? Ever see a Chinese or Japanese martial art that didn't stress the fact that the hara should be used?
Hmmm...presumptions and innuendo abound!
That you see discussions of martial use of IP/aiki as a "distraction" is my point about your own clearly stated goals. Your goals V here, once again, you make them sound mutually exclusive.
They might well be for you, but it hardly seems accurate to comment on, or denigrate the path others take.

Case in point
I have not said what you can and cannot do, I could care less.
You state the limits of your own goals here over and over.
Look, this isn't about you or I. It's about the larger topic of IP/ aiki and various paths. Just like with the aiki-bunnies and in the Ki wars; where people stated their own disinterest in martial applications. I bear them no ill will,and I think it is unfair to insult them. That is an honest and clean pursuit, no business of mine, I say go for it and good luck in your pursuits.


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