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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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I'm in agreement here. You need to go out and play with people who have no expereience with these skills. Not to make yourself feel awesome (its easy to get a big head), but to make sure that you can really make them work and not delude yourself.

to me there isn't much point of learning a skill that only works under certain conditions with certain people. If that was the case, I would be better off taking card tricks as a hobby.
That's exaclty what I did. I get a kick out of the "loud mouth" and "self agrandizing" and every other insult and negative comment some people can think of to attach to these discussions. Most of which is meant to obviate the fact that you can successfully pursue both IP/aiki and martial use. I means its really getting to sound rather strange.

I learned to actually use these things from the flat of my back, from failing continouosly, over and over, till it started working for me. People on this board have met my guys and hear the stories, many of which are hilarious, and anything but favorable to me! There is no ego in that type of martial give and take.,Testing is and always was part of the martial game. Talking about it gives credence to those who honestly were doubting whether IP/aiki had real value in a martial conext, and even now others continue to doubt it's real use. Thus it IS PART OF THE DISCUSSION among martial artists. The fact that I do well now, is meaningless other than it is yet one more example for people to see and be able to discuss and in my case that hundreds can now feel and discuss in person, thus IP/aiki's potential in use is again proven out.

I have always seen it as a series of experiments of methods and have remained detached from the the end rsults. I have done well with some ICMA master class guys too, , but hey... when one of them throws me on my ass I will be the first to let you know... bully for whoever that may turn out to be, Hell I look forward to it, makes no beans to me,or any other serious grappler who gets thrown, and then throws, the same guy back...over and over.
Seems to me its only these "martial artists" types who attach so much ego to winning and losing....big deal! I suspect it's because they have never done much of either..

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