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Lorel Latorilla
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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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Still more posts that are completely off-topic. Let's just accept the obvious... most people see right away that the importance of "friendship" (or trying to put others down, aggrandize one's own glory, etc.) simply fails as an argument, so that topic gets dropped like a hot potato when questioned. I.e., while it sounds cool to go off on some of these digressions, they don't do a thing to further the main issue of the thread.

Thinking about it, though, reminds me of a discussion I had yesterday which reminded me of a comment one of my earlier teachers made back in the 1980's. I talked about going to a tournament that Summer down in Houston and he asked me why I wasted my time doing those things instead of just practicing. "Very few of those people are serious martial artists, so you are wasting your time", he said. I.e., his opinion was along the lines that if you are trying to develop serious skills, the practice is more important than the social aspects. I tend to agree.

Lorel, why not contribute something substantive about the path to internal power that you're taking and how well it works, why it works, etc.?

Mike Sigman
This is not completely off topic. If you want people to discuss and talk about "the paths that lead to internal power" then you have to stop saying things that are condemnatory and possibly consider that these people describe these skills in a different phenomenological language (this is considering whether the language--hara, ground path, etc--you use points to the truth of this relaxed power/bodyskill that we are after).

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