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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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I know two different people who claim to have internal strength skills. One of them has only very rudimentary actual skills, but covers the rest of it because he can (well, could) fight pretty well and beat up on a lot of people who weren't really good fighters; this guy has a pretty loud mouth in regard to telling people how good he is (or, was). The other guy has, IMO, pretty good I.S. skills, in the real and technical sense and he's a pretty good fighter. Both guys have been involved in car wrecks in recent years, and the loudmouth can't really fight anymore; the other guy wasn't injured quite as badly, but he's still limited in his mobility.

Let's say some newby wanted to learn internal-strength skills.... which of those two guys should he go learn from. The guy who had a few rudimentary skills and a lot of strength.. or the guy who actually had and understood internal strength? The guy with the actual technical knowledge would be my suggestion. If someone learns actual internal strength, then they can go apply it to "fightin'", qigongs, or tiddlywinks correctly. I.e., it doesn't matter, IMO, how you use it (that's up to you), as long as you're doing it correctly. The story about one guy pushing another guy doesn't tell me much except that "winning" seems to be raising its head as an issue, while I thought that we were still just talking about how to get good information. Unless some person can beat everyone on the planet and can guarantee to teach that as part of their 'martial-art', I'd suggest that the current worry is more about getting good/real information.


Mike Sigman
This is not an honest approach to me, or a serious attempt at a discussion. It never is with you. You obviously are not this one dimmensional in your own life with this nonsense, so I am not going to reduce myself to this artificial exchange of all about winning and losing,

I am discussing a complete picture in the martial arts that is far beyond you and I or any forum, one which is written about in both Chinese and Japanese circles. You can continue to attempt to separate and re-define, then reduce a field you admit not having a part of or interest in. It is just getting more and more transparent when you do. Hey, I don't begrudge your efforts and stated goals. Good for you. I hear you have gotten some decent resutls. the rest is a discussion past your stated goals. They are no mutually exclusive.
It's just like having discussions with aiki-bunnies who make no beans about not caring about applications, they are just having fun. Good on them too. but there are those in aikido who most definately ARE looking for martial skills in their practice.

Your tactics do you an ill service. When I look back at these discussions with you and I; it is abundantly clear to all who goes after who.
We're all just amateurs with different goals. The legends pursued both, it is what the modern experts in the making shoot for too, almost all of them put out "application" videos of form and kata.

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