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Nicholas Eschenbruch
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Re: Teaching Aikido - Require Coaching Course?

too much repetitive training (blocked learning) can be detrimental to the learning process at higher skill levels though great at getting people up to a basic level of proficiency.
That is my experience, too, and something I have been wondering about in relation to "basics" training for some time. In aikido, but also the academic teaching I do.

My experience is also that any teaching approach needs to be related to group size; so a complimentary perspective could be one-on-one, small group, large group; I'd prefer "Eastern" for small, "Western" for large. In academic teaching, "Eastern" would be the Oxbridge tutorial, "Western" the large lecture...

Of course there are lots of implications for aikido here. Both points also explain why I rarely go to huge courses of famous shihan anymore.

I did the BAB aikido coach certificate some years ago, and found that it was just the right, pragmatic approach of giving you some tools to work with.
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