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Chris Farnham
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Re: Kata/Suburi apart from Saito Sensei

As for the Chiba Suburi, He is also doing the tenkan, Soto Tenkan sections in reverse order from what I learned. I guess it is possible that Chiba sensei taught it in different orders at different times, but the way he performs the basic cut makes me think that it is just wrong. I occasionally study with a Shihan here in Japan that was an early student of Chiba sensei and his system is based on Chiba sensei's weapons but his weapons branched from Chiba when Chiba sensei's weapons were still in development. For instance, his basic cut is a little more in line with the Iwama/Saito way, than Chiba sensei's current more iai influenced way of treating the bokken more like a live blade.
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