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Re: Alternate thread to VOE on new dojos

Rachel Massey (rachmass) wrote:
...The biggest obsticle that I see so far will be to have brand new students without many, if any, experienced aikidoka other than the teacher. This is a daunting prospect, and will definately be a challenge. It seems from some of the conversations that I have been having with other folks, that there are a lot of really small scale operations happening in my area at least.

Hello Ms Massey

I started in a very small dojo (4 members) with no aikido experience other than about 3 years jujitsu and 12 months of karate and kung fu. Apart from sensei, there were no yundansha grades and the highest was I think a 5th or 4th Kyu.

We now have 20 to 30 people on the mat on a regular basis and a core contingent of 6 yundanshas. Most of the new memberships comes from word of mouth from existing members to their friends and some demonstrations. We regularly invite other clubs to train with us to build a mutual support network and to enhance the energy in the dojo.

Our dojo emphasises fun, safe and intense training. Its been a long road but a rewarding one for the dojo that I train at.

I just wanted to add my support to your endeavours and my best wishes for your future success. All the best.

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