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Re: Kata/Suburi apart from Saito Sensei

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What exactly are you looking for here? Suburi based on, but apart from, Saito Sensei's movements...or just weapons movements that are totally separate? My dojo has 97 weapons forms in our basic aikido curriculum and many more in an offshoot weapons style. Are you just looking for tandoku movements or both tandoku and sotai such as kumi bukiwaza?
Perhaps I should describe my limited weapons training background. Besides the tanto, my exposure to bokken/jo started with a mixture of Saito/Chiba styles and then moved to Saito/Tada styles

While there are plenty of videos/books on Saito Sensei's weapons system (so much so that one of my instructors even quoted YouTube as a reference for step 22 of the 31 count jo kata), references (especially video) for Chiba/Tada or other Shihan's weapon styles are difficult to find. This makes it much harder to learn the styles of these other masters, because apart from your class, there is no way to check yourself or your memory of the movements.

After flipping through the various threads in the Weapons section, I cannot seem to find many video links.. and I thought it would be great if we had a thread that somehow captured the highlights of the weapons systems of various high-ranking Sensei, other than that by Saito Sensei. This would really help readers of the forum who are learning other weapon styles.

Besides Chiba Sensei and Tada Sensei, I understand that Saotome Sensei/Kobayashi Yasuo Sensei/Nishio Sensei also introduced weapons systems, and it would be interesting to see clips of those as well, in addition to Yoshinkan bukiwaza...

So yes, I think it would be wonderful if people could share *reference* clips or links to master pages that showed both tandoku and sotai

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