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Re: Kata/Suburi apart from Saito Sensei

Here is a clip from the intro scene on one of our Aiki Buki DVD's. My teacher took 88 weapons forms, including jo, tanto, bokken, and split them away from our aikido system (which has 97 other weapons forms), into a system he called Aiki Buki for those students who want to focus on more weapon training. This includes solo forms (kata tandoku), paired forms (kumi buki), and continuation sets (renzoku waza). Here is a link to the intro of our instructional tapes...its edited but kind of shows some movements.

Being that the Weapons thread is typically slow other than product discussions, I'll see if I can load up some clips on Youtube from people's aikido or aikibuki tests...have to see what I got, load it on iMovie and publish to Youtube.

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